Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Day 2

  The rain woke us by smacking the tin roof of the shelter around 7 am. Before the morning fog could fade Jess, Blue, and I set off with no real goal in mind(1). After about 4 miles and a bum knee,  Blue(who I failed to mention is a guitar carrying traveler) had to tell Jess and I to continue with out him. Usually it wouldn't be so bad leaving someone but Blue is one of those people that just keeps everything so interesting.
   Now I was out front setting the pace just cranking up and down hills, hitting countless switchbacks (imagine a "z" up the mountain), and then conquering Sassafras Mtn and Justus Mtn. All of this within about 6 miles.
   Right after Justus Mtn we came to Cooper Gap(2) which is a decent little camp ground near a road. Ill go ahead and inform you all since I had no idea when I started that a ”gap" is just where a road or path passes low and in between two parts of the trail. Anyways, Jess and I were exhausted after hiking a tad over 10 miles by noon so we chose to enjoy lunch and take a break at this gap. Probably 50 ft from us was a dirt road intersection where there was a decent flow of traffic. Well a decent flow for a dirt road anyways. I boil me some Easy Mac and chills literally run down my spine they were so delicious. Next thing you know sliding uncontrollably these two pick up trucks came to a stop. ”What’s happenin guys?!” yells Blue running arms open wide carrying a huge smile on his face. He had hitchhiked from Hightower shortly from where we left him and was headed to a nearby town. His plan was to stay at the hostile and have them shuttle him to Woody Gap in the morning. We let him know we'd camp at the gap and hike with him.
   Not too much to say about the next few miles as they were pretty easy. Probably the only exciting part was that everyone was getting a kick out of Gooch Shelter because of it's name.
   After an 18.3 we finally made it to Woody Gap(3) around 6. The camp sites here were wonderful mainly because they had an actual bathroom with a toilet with toilet paper. After setting up camp I just mingled around with a bunch of people until sunset which I have noticed is when everyone goes to bed. We all said our good nights and were of to bed. ”RIIICCCOOLLA!!!" comes Blue hobbling from the woods with a different plan in mind. This guy is full of surprises including a pizza and a 12 pack of beer to share of course. The three of us just chit chat for hours having a great time before bed.

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