Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Day 1

   If I were to do it again I will avoid the Approach Trail and the steps of AFSP. It was brutal. In three days I have passed Blood Mtn and and in my opinion the Approach Trail has by far been the worst.
   Day One: A guy named Blue introduced himself at the visitor center of the Amicalola Falls State Park as well as a girl named Paisley. Both offered me the opportunity to walk with some group. I was so ready to go that I kindly declined. I really wanted to do the first part to Springer alone. After leaving around 8:30 am I made it 8.8 miles to the top of  Springer Mtn by about 12. I figured I would wait there until Blue and his group made it. Never saw them. Instead a girl and guy, Jess and Mike came along. We took off after about 3 hours on top of Springer. We reached Stover Creek Shelter(below) by 4 pm so Jess and I set up camp as Mike kept walking. We should've kept going because we were BORED. Everyone was in the shelter headed to bed at dark and we hear this belting ”RIIICOLLAAA” coming from the woods. Out comes the guy Blue I was talking about earlier. They call him that because he wears blue and plays the blues. Pretty simple, huh? Him being there completely changed the morale of the place. Blue, Jess, and I stayed up a few more hours talking about our first day. Then it was nighty night time.

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