Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Waynesboro, Va

   After hiking in Virginia for over 200 miles everything begins to looks the same. You just wake up every morning and hike, eat lunch, hike, get water, hike, set-up camp, sleep, and repeat. After being in the Green Tunnel for two months now it kind of gets a little old.  Apparently there is a popular sickness hikers catch here called the Virginia Blues. I think I may have caught a minor case. I have to constantly think about how a bad day out on the trail is better than any good day out in the real world. My group (still Lighthouse and Bobsled) has started to set short term hiking goals to cope with the sickness. Last week the goal was to make it from Daleville, Va to Waynesboro, Va, 130 miles, in just seven days. Hiking nearly twenty miles every day for a week in Virginia isn't the hardest of tasks but it feels so rewarding when you finish a planned goal. I don't have many pictures to post this time but I will have some next time when I finally get out of Virginia and into Harper's Ferry, West Virginia.