Sunday, April 28, 2013

Day 12 to 13

A CABIN IN THE WOODS. After walking twelve miles in the rain yesterday Lighthouse, Stick bug, and myself(Simba) packed into a shelter loaded with twelve other freezing, wet hikers. This was my first night actually sleeping in a shelter. I do not recommend these at all. Everyone snores really loud and everybody's sleeping pads crackle with every move.    
     The thunder woke everyone up the next morning. A fellow hiker named Walk Hard had a thermometer that read thirty-nine degrees. So not only was it storming but it was nearly freezing outside. Of the fifteen hikers in the shelter only six of us were stupid enough to not take a zero(a day were zero miles are hiked). After a long discussion we decided to walk only 7 miles in the freezing rain to Stecoah Gap where a lady named Donna would pick us up. The six of us split a "cabin" for 15 bucks each. Mrs. Donna took care of us and allowed us to shower and do a load of clothes. It rained all day and we just sat talking about nothing and listening to Lighthouse play guitar. Overall a pretty cold, boring day but heck it sure beats a day at work.

  Oh yeah and my crazy parents and I had miscommunication and forgot to mail my mail drop. There was no chance it would make it in time so they drove all the way from Albany to Robbinsville, NC to deliver it and a few pizzas for the other hikers and me. I think they miss me a little too much :)

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