Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Hell. Get me out of this state. Our guide books show the elevation to be nice and flat which it is except for directly under your feet. Every step you take you have to place your foot at a different angle to avoid rolling on rocks. The trails is littered with rocks the size of your fist or bigger. I haven't taken a comfortable step in this state. To add insult to injury it is blistering hot and all the bugs have finally come out. Enough complaining about the state.

4th of July

Lighthouse, Bobsled, and I decided we have been pushing ourselves way too hard and it is time for a zero. We decide to stay in a cute little town called Boiling Springs. There weren't any normal hotels so we got to stay at The Allenberry Resort. For $40 dollars we were treated to two beds, a hot shower, A/C, and 5 channels on tv. I wouldn't consider this place a resort at all but it's good enough for any hiker. Oh, and my parents decided to surprise us, bringing watermelon and lots of other goodies for the other hikers in the hotel.

Ahvo's House

A ways into PA a fellow hiker named, Ahvo invited to stay at his parents house for a zero once we reach a certain road. I had no clue what to expect once we got there, I mean we barely know this guy. We get there and his parents immediately start pampering us. After a hot shower and a delicious home cooked meal they insist that we get in their jacuzzi. The jets on that thing massaged and rejuvenated every aching muscle in my body. We get out and BAM there is another meal waiting for us. We hit JACKPOT. Thanks Ahvo!!!!!!

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